Five Different Suggestions on Where to Find Pen Pals

If you’re new to the pen pal community and have no idea where to get started, have no fear! I’ve compiled a short list of sites that are great for finding pen pals and fellow snail mail enthusiasts. Remember that there’s no pressure to send physical mail if you’re not feeling up for it. Keep reading to see how to find pen pals when you’re just starting out!

1. Global Penfriends

This is a site I personally love using. It was where I started my pen pal journey before migrating over to Instagram. This site has plenty of filters that allow you to narrow down the type of pen pal you’re looking for.

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2. Postcrossing

If you prefer post cards over snail mail, this site is perfect for you. It matches people up for post card exchanges. The site requires you to send five post cards first before matching you up with other Postcrossers. This is to ensure that you’re actively participating and not just hoping to receive postcards.

3. PenPal World

This site is similar to Global Penfriends. You create a profile, write a small blurb describing yourself, and meet new friends! You can exchange messages with other users on the site and hopefully meet new pen pals. 

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4. Interpals

This is just another similar option to create a profile and meet new friends. You can meet pen pals for language exchange, online correspondence, or snail mail. The choice is really up to you and your pen pal on what suits your preferences best. 

5. Instagram

This is where I primarily find my new pen pals these days. I like using Instagram because I find that the pen pals from here are most similar to what I prefer with pen paling. I love sending decorated mail and using it as a creative outlet. When I was first starting out, I used #penpalswanted and #penpalsearch to find other new pen pallers like myself. 

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I hope these five solutions were helpful for anyone starting their pen pal journey. If you’re unsure on what to send your new pen pal in the first letter, take a look at my blog post all about your first pen pal letter

x Leslie 

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5 different places to find new pen pals