6 DIY Stationery Organization Hacks To Keep Things Tidy!

If you’re an avid stationery collector or a stationery addict, you know how difficult organization can be. There never seems to be enough space to fit all of your pens, markers, washi tapes, stickers, ephemera – and the list can keep going. But there comes a time in a stationery lover’s life where you need to organize it all before it takes over your crafting space! Below are a few DIY hacks you can try before investing in proper acrylic drawers, file holders, or trays.

1. Washi Tape Storage: An Embroidery Hoop

Image & Idea Credit: Amber Simmons

This genius idea introduced by Amber Simmons uses one simple tool: the embroidery hoop. She has a detailed tutorial on her blog for this simple Washi Wheel. You can easily swap out your washi tapes or organize them by color. It’s an efficient and visual way to see all of your washi tapes in one place!

2. Washi Tape Organization: A Shoebox and Contact Paper

If you prefer keeping your washi tape in a drawer, you can consider using an old cardboard shoebox, or old subscription box, to organize them. Adventures in Polish Land takes some extra cardboard and creates dividers to store the tapes. This will prevent them from rolling around all over the place. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can buy some contact paper and wrap the old shoebox for a chic look!

3. DIY Pen Organization: Toilet Paper Rolls in a Cardboard Box

Image & Idea Credit: Aunt Peaches

This old, tried and true hack created by Aunt Peaches is genius! Who knew you could use old toilet paper rolls for organization?! Simply glue the bottom of one empty toilet paper roll into an old shoe box. Repeat with however many rolls will fill your shoe box, and voila! You can paint, decorate, or do whatever you’d like to fit your preferred aesthetic. Once you’re done, your DIY pen storage solution is complete! Fill it up with your favorite pens, pencils, and markers for easy access.

4. Another DIY Marker Organizer: Old Tin Cans & Contact Paper

Image & Idea Credit: Torie Jayne

This DIY organization solution by Torie Jayne is a bit sturdier. Similar to #3, you take old tin cans and use those to store your markers. Wrap contact paper around the outside of the tins for a stylish look or paint them yourself for a personal touch.

5. Scrapbook Paper Organization: Old Cereal Boxes & Washi Tape

Image & Idea Credit: One Good Thing

Stop! You could make your own DIY paper storage compartment out of cereal boxes! This DIY hack by Jillie from One Good Thing is great for repurposing old cardboard cereal boxes as storage. Combine multiple boxes, glue them together, decorate, and you’re set. This is a quick and simple paper organization idea that recycles what you may already have at home!

6. Organizing Sticker Flakes: An Old 3-Ring Binder & Plastic Trading Card Sleeves

Image & Idea Credit: Super Cute Kawaii

This hack by Super Cute Kawaii is made for any avid sticker flake collector out there. Sticker flakes can get a little messy, especially since they can be all over the place once you take them out of their original packaging. This DIY sticker flake organization hack is a personal favorite. (Yes, I really do use this method!!) An old binder and some plastic sleeves can turn a sticker flake mess into an organized collection. It helps you visualize all of your stickers, too!

I hope these DIY organization hacks helped! I love how inexpensive and easy each idea is. I will definitely be implementing the washi wheel in my own storage solutions!

x Leslie

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