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How to Make a Pen Pal Friendly Advent Calendar

Recently, I had this idea to create an advent calendar that was small enough to be mailed, but could still hold quality goodies/stationery. Mini envelopes served as the perfect option to create a flat advent calendar!

DIY Pen Pal Gifts: How to Make An Easy Embroidered Card

Making an embroidered card can be a fun way to personalize a card for anyone! Whether you make this for your pen pal or your other friends and family, this hand-embroidered card will make anyone’s day. This super simple technique is great to use for birthday cards, holiday cards, or fun pen pal gifts. It’s easily customizable and you can choose to mix and match your stitch types to create a beautifully unique card.

DIY Pen Pal Gifts: How to Make A Jigsaw Puzzle (With Pictures – No Cricut Needed!)

Spice up your next pen pal letter with an adorable DIY jigsaw puzzle. This fun little craft project can be customized to ANY theme for your next happy mail or simply as a fun side project for friends, kids, or partners. With just a few supplies and a little bit of patience, you can have … Continue reading “DIY Pen Pal Gifts: How to Make A Jigsaw Puzzle (With Pictures – No Cricut Needed!)”

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create Your Own Artsy Happy Mail

Crafting happy mail is such a fun hobby and can help you channel your creativity. The following steps are a framework for you to get started on your snail mail journey. You can either follow these exact steps, or jump around and see what works the best for you!


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